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(1) Q: What is Excel Password Recovery 5.1 and what can it do for me? A: It's a software tool to recover Microsoft Excel passwords for you to view the information. It can recover the Password to Open and remove both the Password to Open and Password to Edit.

(2) Q: What Excel versions does it support? A: Currently it supports MS Excel 97-2007, in the coming update it will start to support Excel 2010.

(3) Q: Is it easy to use? A: Yes. Even a new user can fully manipulate in less than a minute.

(4) Q: Can I use it to remove the "Password to Edit"? A: Yes.

(5) Q: What OS requirement is it? A: Pentium II 300 or higher CPU; Windows 2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista; 64MB of RAM.

(6) Q: Is it fast in password recovering? A: The speed is fast with generally more than 220000 passwords per second.

(7) Q: What is mask? What is brute-force with mask attack? A: In the field of decryption, mask is a commonly used term refers to the password features you still remember. For example, the possible password length, any digits, letters, special characters like pond, dollar, or asterisk in the password; what is the fist and last characters of the password, etc.

(8) Q: What is brute-force attack? A: Brute-force attack can be simply interpreted as to attack the password by testing guesses one by one. Generally speaking, this mode is not as efficient as the other two attacks brute-force with mask attack, and dictionary attack when the password is long and complex.

(9) Q: What is dictionary? A: Dictionary is a text file, which can be simply interpreted as a libWinRAR/RAR listing the password elements. The program will just base on this dictionary to detect the password. This dictionary can be the integrated one or the one you provide.

(10) Q: What is "Smart Mutation"? A: One situation is that you are sure of the characters in the password but do not know for example which letter is capitalized, where is the digit placed, etc. If you want more character combinations, please check "Smart Mutations".

(11) Q: How to set the "Mutation Count" as I don't even know what's this? A: Choose a number for "Mutation Count" according to the number of character sets, for example, you are sure of your password is composed with three parts of AB, ab, 123(here AB, ab, 123 is considered as a whole), then you choose 3 for "Mutation Count" in order to let the program mutate with these three sets, like ABab123, ab123AB, 123ABab, etc. Select a number in the "Max Password Length" for the possible maximum length of your password.

(12) Q: Why does the program recommend me to use dictionary attack? A: Dictionary attack is the most efficient way to recover the password for you. If you can create a dictionary file for the program to base on, then the speed may be even largely accelerated.

(13) Q: I created a dictionary and browsed in the program. Why does the program still use the default dictionary? A: Empty the default dictionary path will be OK.

(14) Q: What is the program priority? A: Changing Program Priority allows you to control the allocation of processing resources on your computer. A multi-tasking operating system such as Windows, allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously, but most computers have only one central processor. This means the OS must divide the total amount of work, and the processor must perform between those programs. While each application has a priority that is automatically determined by the OS, the default allocation of resources among running tasks doesn't always provide maximum system productivity. So you may set the program priority for a preferred system productivity.

(15) Q: What is "Idle"? A: A computer processor is described as Idle when it is not being used by any program. If you choose Idle here, it means the processor will only perform ZIP Password Recovery 5.0.

(16) Q: What is "High"? A: While the computer processor is performing multiple programs simultaneously, if you set Excel Password Recovery 5.0 as High, it indicates the processor will allocate more processing resources to it. This will definitely increase its performance. However, in this case, other programs on the system won't receive an appropriate share of processing resource, which may reduce their performances.

(17) Q: What if I close the program while the recovering is still going on? A: The program will ask you whether to resume the project or not next time you run the program. If you want to resume the project, click "Yes".

(18) Q: What's the difference between the demo version and the full version? A: Passwords longer than 3 characters can't be displayed; Remove Password to Open and Password to Edit simultaneously from the file is not available.

(19) Q: How to convert the demo version into the full version? A: Open the trial program, click "Help>Registration" and enter the Serial Number in the box, click "OK". If you are failed to find the answer you are looking for, please email directly [email protected]

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