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How to Recover a Forgotten Excel 2007 Spreadsheet Password?

There may be a time when you are aware that you have forgotten password for your Excel 2007 file, but you are in urgent need of opening it. If you are really in such case, then you have to think of Excel 2007 password recovery.

But the problem is how, since Microsoft Office doesn’t offer users an exact way to recover forgotten Excel password though it creates Excel files and gives users permission to create passwords to protect the files from unauthorized access. Well, as far as I know, there are some professional Excel password recovery software tools which can be of great importance to deal with Excel password forgotten problem.

These tools use the technique of advanced recovery mechanisms like Brute-force attacks to make them more efficient in recovering password. What’s more, recently I’ve heard of a software program called Excel Password Recovery Professional.
It is said that advanced GPU acceleration technology has been introduced into this software and has successfully enhanced its password recovery process. I then quickly have a test over their trial version. It’s pretty amazing. I have a 5-long Excel 2007 password, and this program only takes 45 seconds to smoothly recover it.

How to recover Excel 2007 password?

Step1: Free download Excel Password Recovery Professional and then launch it quickly.
Step2: Click “Open” to load the target protected Excel document.
Step3: You have 2 options, choose one of them: 100% instant document decryption and Recover the password. The former one means “remove password directly”, and the latter one means password recovery. Here we choose “Recover the password”. Next, just click “Next” button to proceed.
Step4: Now simply by clicking “Start” can initiate forgotten Excel 2007 password recovery.
(Note: Before click “Start” button, you can select any one of the 3 listed brute-force attacks to help you recover the password in a quicker way. And also in each attack there are some settings you can define by yourself, such as Min and Max Length of the password, any numbers or capital letters, special symbols included in the password etc. This is based on the information of the password you can still remember. )

Well, until here we have finished all the process of Excel 2007 password recovery. Very soon, you will get a pop-up window with the opening or editing password of the Excel spreadsheet listed.
Got it on how to recover Excel 2007 password? If you still any question, please feel free to contact us.

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