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How to Recover Lost Excel Password Effectively and Quickly?

Being urgent to use Excel documents but forget the password in a coming important meeting? Are you annoyed by losing the password of Excel files to be handed in to your strict boss? Don’t worry.
Now a new updated version of Excel Password Recovery appears to help you solve these embarrassing problems by recovering lost password instantly with the Excel Password Recovery service and get access to the documents. Next a brief introduction to assist you in learning how to use Excel Password Recovery to recover lost Excel password.

recover lost excel password

Excel Password Recovery provides 2 functions for you to recover your lost or forgotten password on different demands: 100% Instant Document Decryption and Recover The Password.
The first function 100% Instant Document Decryption is available for documents created in MS Office 97-2003 with removing the Excel password from documents. It supports Online Password Remove Service.

First of all, you need to Click "Open" to load Excel spreadsheet and select your Excel document in its destination folder, then click "Open" to finish file adding.
Next, select “100% instant document decryption” and click “Next” to proceed, then click “Decrypt document” to start to remove password instantly.
At last smoothly remove password with receiving the message "The file decrypt successfully", then just click "OK" to end password decryption process. So the decrypted file (*_Fixed.xls) has been automatically saved to the folder where your protected file is.

However, the second function Recover The Password supports Offline and 3 types of attack by recovering your lost password created in MS Excel 97-2010 rather than remove it.

Firstly, click “Open” to import the target Excel file and select your Excel document from its destination folder, then click "Open" to finish file importing. Next, according to your demands, select “Recover the password” and click “Next” to go on. So there appear 3 different choices for you to proceed.

If you are blank with the password, choose Brute-force Attack as the route direct to search all possible passwords. If you remember part of your Excel password, Brute-force with Mask Attack is the best choice to reset lost password according to the possible clues about the password you could recall of by defining the sets such as Min Length, Max Length, and Character Set etc on the "Brute-force" taskbar. If you always use some specific information as your password, Dictionary Attack is well recommended for you to plug in a build-in dictionary to reset lost password immediately, which is time-saving.

Finally, click "Start" button, the program is cracking the Excel password. Within seconds, the desired password will be recovered successfully with being displayed in the File Opening/Editing Password Box. Next, just close the box and exit the program, then use this password to access to the target Excel file.

That is all! It is quiet easy to recover lost password excel. If accidently forgot this password, try Excel Password Recovery. It is the most effectively and quickly way to reset your forgotten password.

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